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  • Belize has hundreds of incredible cayes teaming with life around them to explore. Come see of yourself. (Unknown caye off the coast of Placencia Peninsula)
  • Here's your Caribbean Beach vacation you'll remember for a lifetime. Plenty of fun and activities for the whole family. (Robert's Grove Resort)
  • Belize has diving that rivals the best of anywhere in the world. Travel Belize and come dive with us! Photography by Tony Darst
  • Spend the day with your loved ones wandering the Mayan ruins buried in thousands of years jungle. Mayan ruins are scattered throughout the countryside of Belize. (Caracol Archeological Site)
  • Enjoy the view of Placencia as you sweep around for your landing in paradise. Everything from hardcore adventure to simple spa and relaxation are waiting below. (Photography by Benedict Kim)
  • Just escape. Just the two of you on an all inclusive vacation. (Cocoplum Island Resort)
  • Belize has quiet little cabanas and bungalows tucked away everywhere from island to jungle for that quiet getaway. Some are simple and rustic while others are really quite luxurious. (Singing Sands Inn)
  • Discover the world of the ancient Mayans. Lubaantun Archaelogical Site, located in Southern Belize (Toledo District), is within reach of Placencia and Punta Gorda for visitation. Photography by Benedict Kim
  • Come face to face with the giants of the Caribbean Ocean. Dive for whale sharks at Gladdens Spit. This dive is definitely on the bucket list. (Photography by Ron Spilman)
  • Lobster Diablo. Great ingredients make some great dining experiences. Belize offers so many dishes however the specialty is seafood. Go figure. (Habanero Mexican Restaurant)
  • Discover Belize in ways you never imagined like your own private island. Belize offers everything from rustic adventure to luxury relaxation. It's all here. (Robert's Caye)
  • Explore ancient Mayan burial grounds deep within the caves of Belize. This family friendly adventure is one your children will remember forever. (Actun Tunichil Muknal)
  • The reefs of Belize are filled with incredible life like this feather duster. It's diving you should do, all here in Belize. Photography by Tony Darst
  • Walk on the beach at daybreak on the Placencia Peninsula then head into the village for some breakfast. Placencia peninsula's quiet beaches ans swaying palms attract many. Photography by Benedict Kim
  • The waters abound with fascinating sea life that your whole family will enjoy. Belize boasts the second longest reef system in the world. (Cocoplum Island Resort)
  • Pan seared snapper, zucchini, carrots, and rice with Chipotle Papaya Cream. Find food infused with flavors of many different cultures intermingled with the ingredients native to Belize. World class dining in the jungles of Belize! (Table Rock Jungle Lodge)
  • Many of Belize's rivers are actually underground! Take in a nice relaxing journey underground slowly drifting in and out of caves for the afternoon. (Jaguar Paw)
  • Serenity at it's finest. Wander the jungles all day then rest by quiet waters as the day fades into night. Jungle lodges offer a very unique experience for the family. (Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge)
  • Southern Belize offers fresh clear running waterfalls and swimming holes in beautiful jungle settings. This remote little swimming hole is under a cascading 500' waterfall. (Davis Falls)
  • Fantastic quality accommodations that rival any location on the Caribbean are here in Belize. We, as a country, offer accommodations to fit all needs. (Villa Verano)
  • Belize is known for the incredible guides that keep you and your family safe while offering adventure like no other in the world. Come visit Belize. Photography by Benedict Kim

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Rumfish y Vino

Article by Dawn MichelWalton

If you’re searching for a unique dining option while in Placencia, Belize, there’s no need to look any further than Rumfish y vino, a self-described “gastro-pub” in the heart of this small fishing village. Perched on the upper level of a lovely colonial-style building, at first glance it may appear to be a simple café behind a quaint façade.

  • Written by Travel Informed Administrator
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Third Annual SPSC Regatta 2013

The last weekend in May was exciting times in Placencia. We had the First Annual Placencia Sailing Club Regatta! It was held just off the beach at Tipsy Tuna Bar. Bob and I wandered down to see what was happening.

Well, to start things off, we had this awesome ring around the sun, was it an omen? You bet it was. It was an omen that it was going to be an absolutely fantastic day!

On the Sailing Club’s face book page it says, “The Placencia Sailing Club is located in Belize. We are the 4th sailing club in the country. We teach children how to sail in optimist boats and race in regattas.” Personally, I think is it far more than that, as this regatta brought together the village as a whole. Everyone was out there having a great time, helping out where they could and having lots of fun doing it.

  • Written by Sharyn Flindell
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Yoga Flow in Placencia

“Breathe, Sharyn, breathe.” Yes, I am still breathing. I am taking up yoga and my first question is “Am I nuts?” The answer is possibly. I'm not
sure my body or anyone's body was meant to twisted like that. But yoga is this month’s assignment and I am going to give it a good try. Do my best. Am I nuts?

  • Written by Sharyn Flindell
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Placencia Sidewalk Arts & Music Festival 2013

By Sharyn Flindell

On Sunday afternoon, the sun was shining and life was good. So I thought I'd go check out the Placencia Sidewalk Arts and Music Festival. That's a local event around here and we've all appreciated it for years now. We see some of the most talented artisans and musicians come from all over Belize just to be here!

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